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Quadratic Funding is the mathematically optimal way to fund public goods in a democratic community.

Quadratic Funding formula

The secret behind QF

It's the mathβ„’

A matching pool is raised, and then a crowdfund campaign is matched according to the QF algorithm:

  • Number of contributors matters more than amount funded.
  • This pushes power to the edges, away from whales & other central power brokers.
  • This creates more democracy in public goods funding decisions! πŸ¦„

πŸ‘‡ Want to see the math in action? Use the calculator below! πŸ‘‡

Check out some example scenarios:

Match Amount

Number of projects



Funded amount
Match amount
Grant #1
Grant #2
Grant #3
Grant #4
Quadratic Funding Impact

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Reference implementations: Python, JavaScript, or add your own.

Using Markets to create impact

Public goods are good.

Public goods versus private goods matrix

Our secret to getting past the "free rider problem"

Up to 100x matching multipliers on $1 crowdfund contributions

When a project gets popular enough, some pretty amazing matching multiples can be offered. This reinforces the incentive structure of QF as a fundamentally-democratic institution.

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What if you could program support for public goods into your community?

Our goal is to align incentives between private goods & public goods.

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